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During our “NO SWEAT” INTRO consultation, you’ll pick a plan that works best for your goals and budget.

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You’re committed to your long-term fitness goals and are making impressive gains! Approximately 45 days into your fitness journey, your coach will check in to see how things are going with your training and how you’re progressing toward your goals.

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By the 90-day mark, you will have learned to do things you never thought you could! You’ve reached significant milestones, pushed toward your potential, achieved new personal records and so much more!

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What makes Fortitude Fitness Training different?

Travis started Fortitude Fitness Training because he truly cares about your wellbeing. His positive, welcoming demeanor will make you feel welcome and like you’re part of his family. He wants to share his knowledge and experience so he can help keep you safe, guide you through workouts, teach you how to maintain your body and fitness, and have fun doing it!

Am I too out of shape for this type of training?

No. Whether you’re straight off the couch with no experience, coming off an injury or just haven’t been as active as you would like, we’ll meet you where you are and will make a plan that’s right for you.

Is this kind of training for me?

Regardless of your current fitness or ability level, we’re here to meet you where you are. Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey, are post-rehab from an injury, or an elite athlete, our goal is to help you reach your next fitness goal.

What kind of training is provided?

Fortitude Fitness Training Owner and Head Coach Travis Weaver has studied multiple disciplines within the fitness world. As a result, clients are guided through a complete workout experience that is designed to include pain reduction, increase performance and will leave you feeling good!

Workouts are comprised of constantly varied functional movements designed to improve strength, speed, power, flexibility, coordination, endurance, stamina, accuracy, agility and balance.

Am I too old for this type of training?

No, we have experience working clients into their early 80s. No matter your age or fitness level, we can help you feel strong, capable and confident.