Visualize your progress over time.


The Fit3D Body Scan tells you what your body actually looks like through body imaging and can help you track your results.


Accurate & Trusted Reporting


The Fit3D ProScanner tracks your body composition so you can compare your results over time. Get all of your body measurements including full body circumference measurements, body fat, lean mass, weight and more. A full posture and balance assessment are also included, with private results delivered right to your phone. The full 3D body scan is complete in less than 60 seconds.



  1. Schedule your Fit3D body scan

  2. Create an account at

  3. Take the touchless, non-invasive Fit3D body scan

  4. Review your results

  5. Compare your results over time to track your progress


3D Avatars & Reports

Private, accurate, interactive reports will be sent to your phone to show you what your body looks like and how it is changing over time.

Track Weight Loss, Body Comp & Posture

The comparison overlay feature shows how you compare to yourself!

Posture & Balance

Fit3D also tracks posture and balance, which is great for aesthetics, physical therapy and training athletes for injury prevention.

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