Service Offering

On-Ramp Personal Training

Get started at your own pace. Learn the fundamentals of movement and exercise in order to have a sufficient base of knowledge to workout safely and effectively to meet your goals.

$238 // Three 1 hour sessions

$238 // Five 30 min sessions
  • Intro to Fitness - You want to get fit, this is how we do it.
  • Fundamentals - Understanding and learning to safely perform a wide variety of exercises
  • Ready State - mobility evaluation.  This revolutionary method of training will address getting stiff joints and muscles to feel good and flow smoothly.   Through evaluation of your current ability we will prescribe stretches and techniques specific to your needs. (This is very cool stuff!)

Must be completed within 30 days of first appointment.

Personal Training & Private Coaching

$79 - 60min Session / $45 - 30min Session

Want to customize and speed up your training?

  • This is the fastest route to reaching your goals!
  • One on One training has proven to speed up your knowledge and confidence to perform workouts properly and safely.
  • In depth customization of prescribed mobility, scaling and modification.
  • Create a small group of friends that train together reduce your costs with Semi-Private training.

Group Fitness Classes

Fun & scalable Instructor lead group class for all abilities.


$165/month 3 classes per week

$220/month 4 classes per week
  • Certified Trainer with every class - we are here to guide you through your entire workout.  Leave the thinking to us, show up, work hard, get results!  We will make recommendations specific to you how to scale or modify movements to assure success.

All memberships are automatically renewed. Please see our cancellation policy. http://FORTITUDEFITNESSTRAINING.COM/membership-cancellation/