John S.

"My wife and I look forward to our evening workout every day! Thanks to Travis for keeping us fit, physically and mentally!"

John S.
My name is John S., and I’m 51 years old. I’ve been training with Travis for over 10 years.
I thought I was an in shape, 41 year old mountain man.  After my first day training with Travis, I quickly realized I had a long way to go. Travis taught me the value of basic movement, and how to move well.
He not only helps people find their own strengths, and helps them get stronger mentally and physically, more importantly, he builds community!
Now that Fortitude Fitness is in Bend, and I’m in Tahoe, and we have been under restriction and quarantine for nearly 10 months, we are working out at home. Travis and Fortitude Fitness are providing daily programming tailored for us at home.
We have a few pairs of dumbbells, jump ropes  and ab mats. With these limited tools, and the excellent programming we are being provided, we are able to do the workouts at home! We are maintaining, and building a high level of fitness that allows us to look and feel great!
The workouts are fun and easy to follow. We simply go down the list of the Workout Of the Day.  There are tons of movements we end up doing for the first time. There are demo videos to show you how to do the movements properly.
My wife and I look forward to our evening Fortitude Fitness workout every day! Thanks to Travis and Fortitude Fitness for keeping us fit, physically and mentally!

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